Beautiful Take: One Good Friend Deserves Another

This week I’m trying to fit in lots of wonderful things… kids, work, reading and I’m getting ready for “Intrepid Month” to peak next week, as we discuss Chris Allen’s books in the TBYL Book Club and catch up with the author himself on Monday night (RSVP to this free, online event here).

giftPlus, I’m getting ready for a huge TBYL Book Clearance sale this weekend – which you can join in online all weekend on Facebook! Discounted books, some at cost, plus a few other goodies – first in best dressed!

I’ve also made sure I gave myself a little time out, and while taking a moment, I spent some time catching up on reviews from some of my favourite book bloggers. Today I was having a read of some reviews from the lovely Monique from Write Notes Reviews. As you know, I like to include different voices to TBYL, especially when they’re very talented ones and as such, I thought I’d feature one of Monique’s reviews on the blog today.

One Good Friend Deserves Another by Lisa Verge Higgins (Allen and Unwin) has been on my reading pile since February…

Dhara, Kelly, Marta, and Wendy have been the closest of friends since college. So close, that after a series of romantic disasters, they bond together to create Rules of Relationships to keep their hearts safe.

How many of these dating rules have you broken? 1. Choose Your Own Man 2. Make Sure Your Friends Approve 3. No One-Night Stands 4. Trust Your Instincts 5. Never Make the Same Mistake Twice 6. After a Break-Up, Wait Six Months Before Dating Again.

One good friend deserves another

Years later, the rules seem to have worked . . . until Marta discovers that her hot boyfriend is married, Kelly begins a risky love affair, Wendy inches closer to a pre-marital infidelity, and, most shocking of all, Indian-American Dhara suddenly agrees to an arranged marriage.

Hearts are about to be broken and the bonds of friendship are tested. Is it possible to find true love, when you’re breaking all the rules?

I didn’t have a chance to read it myself, but I think Monique has shared her thoughts on it beautifully…

During my adult life I’ve moved around a fair bit (four states) and books about close, long-standing friendships have at times filled the emotional gap created by leaving good friends behind, moving on and starting over. (My closest and oldest friend lives on the other side of the country and we only get to catch up in person for a couple of hours about once a year). After reading the book, I had to ask: do close-knit groups reallystay friends for decades or do they inevitably fade as circumstances change?…

You can read the full review here…


You can find out more about Lisa’s book at the Allen and Unwin website and read more of Monique’s reviews here…

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