Past, Present, Future: Flavours of Urban Melbourne

In usual style, Jonette and Daniele have been eating well…

Their latest publication, Flavours of Urban Melbourne (Smudge Publishing) is true to form – full of gorgeous photographs, inviting restaurant profiles and inspiring recipes from some of urban Melbourne’s finest.

Urban Melb 1

‘Flavours of Urban Melbourne’ showcases the profound ebbs and flows of styles and cultures within the café and restaurant culture in this capital city of food.  East meets west, meets north and south.  A fusion of cultures flourish together, as well as side-by-side.  It is hard to put a finger on the pulse, let alone describe the free-fall movement that the city’s suburbs are experiencing today.​

It might be difficult, but not impossible, and Jonette and Daniele have done an amazing job at putting their finger of the eclectic mix that makes urban Melbourne such an incredible place to explore.

For me, this book achieved three things; it fondly reminded me of stunning suburbs I frequented when I was younger, it highlighted the embarrassment of riches available in my own Bayside suburbs, and lastly provided brand new ideas about what to do in suburbs I’ve never had the opportunity to visit.

Urban Melb 3Kicking off with a little history and an ode to coffee, the book then separates out into Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western suburbs.

The highly cultural, inspirational and linguistically diverse suburbs of Melbourne have a poignant past, a vibrant present and a wealth of opportunities moving into the future, with many different population groups making their presence felt…

Flavours of Urban Melbourne is sure to have something of interest for all readers. Personally, I was drawn to the delicious range of cafes – I think I’ll do a bit of a tour with the boys for the next few weeks!

Urban Melb 2I must admit that I’d hoped to find a few of my local favourites, but didn’t find many Hampton spots listed. Of course though, on reflection I realised that that wasn’t really what I needed from this book. What this guide offers is new ideas! New ideas, new places to visit – established venues full of history and achievements, as well as new endeavours staffed by inspired hosts, barristers and chefs.

This big, gorgeous book has been sitting on my coffee table for the last month or so, and I’ve very happily picked it up many times over to take a look at photos of the establishments, their food, the surrounds and most interestingly, the people who enjoy this rich urban life.

If you’d like to find out more about Flavours of Urban Melbourne visit Smudge Publishing online, and check out their range of books. 

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