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Oscar's journalAlthough it is tempting to just sit and play for the month of January, I also try and use the holidays to regroup, to spend a little time on the things we might neglect when we’re busy during the year. I sort clothes, clean cupboards and try and spend a little time getting the kids ready for the year to come.

My youngest is starting school next year, and I’m keen to get him in the right head-space for the classroom. I suspect that this will be important, as he’s a pretty typical boy and likes to spend most of his time moving… running, jumping, fighting invisible foes. Sitting down and writing, drawing and reading comes a poor second to these more active endeavours. I fear he’s going to get quite a shock when it’s insisted upon that he sit for more than five minutes at a time.

As such, I’ve come up with five ‘projects’ that I’m going to undertake with Oscar, to engage him a little more with reading and writing. He loves books, and so that’s where I’ll start, with lots of reading. Then I’ll extend this interest with five activities that will hopefully be fun, colourful and playful. Here’s the plan…

You can read the full article here!

Do your kids love to read and write? Did you have to encourage them? Do you have any suggestions of ways to help kids get ready for school?


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