Merry Christmas from TBYL

With the fuss and bother of end of school activities safely behind us, the family and I are already breathing a sigh of relief…

The tree is overflowing with tinsel and stars and its base is being kept warm by a huge bundle of gifts ready and wrapped for family and friends. We’ve one day left on our advent calendar, and Oscar is just about ready to burst with excitement in anticipation of Santa’s visit tonight.

Screen shot 2012-11-26 at 1.12.46 PMPinterest is brimming with photos of Christmas trim, #christmas is trending on Twitter and Facebook is starting to gleam and glisten with Seasons Greeting to fans, kin and colleagues.

And so, with no further ado, we here at TBYL would like to wish all of you wonderful, wonderful bookish people a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Whether your celebrations are big, small or in between; whether you take the day easy, or rush madly between dishes and dinners; whether you asked Santa for books or toys or tech; we hope you have a most fantastic day with your loved ones!

On this special day, take a moment, have a chat, share a drink, read a book… enjoy your day, and those around you.

Lots of love from the crew at That Book You Like…

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