When do you read?

I often get asked how I have time to read so much – here’s the answer to the million dollar question…

1. I read on public transport. Even a five-minute trip is good for half a chapter, but train trips to the city are my favourite!

2. I read in the park. One eye on the kids, one eye on the words.

3. I read while I’m waiting for the kids, which is often. At sport, at school, at kinder. I look like a bit of a nerd, but I’m used to that by now and I think (hope) most of my friends think it’s endearing.

4. I read while I’m waiting for appointments, normally doctors, normally a long time. It’s my silver lining.

5. I read when I should be doing housework. I came to the realisation some time ago that it’s actually okay to choose a good book over a basket of laundry. So sue me 😉

6. I read on Sunday. Sunday is the day that seems to afford me the most unbroken reading time. I bunker down with my book and a cuppa in my reading chair and read, read, read. Bliss.

Do you make a little time to read? Can you think of one way that you could add a little more reading time into your week?

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14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amanda Lyons
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 06:54:41

    I wish I made more time to read. I love to read in bed but my partner goes to bed earlier then I so my light bugs him. I love reading outside while my toddler plays


  2. Kathy Petkoff
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 07:04:39

    I used to take my book to the gym (back when I went almost every day) and was constantly told off – my response was it was the only way I could say interested enough to go! I also love to read while my kids play… I’m still accessible to them, but they think they can get into mischief because I’m not fully concentrating 🙂


  3. Tam Jenkin
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 07:28:50

    I read a lot while waiting for kids too…perfect time is to get to school early so I can get a good car park, and then I sit back and fill in my time with my book!! I also love to read in bed and thankfully hubby doesn’t even notice the light so all’s good!!


  4. Julie
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 07:29:16

    I read whenever I get the chance. Love reading while waiting at the doctors, sometimes I get annoyed when I’m called in too soon, especially if I’m at a great part. Also when I pick my son up from school. Have to get there super early for a decent car spot that’s not a mile a way, so again perfect time for some reading.


  5. Melissa {Suger}
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 08:14:09

    I love to read tucked up in bed or in a big old bubble bath.
    It’s like anything, if it’s important to you, you MAKE the time.


  6. Marianne Nanfra Siggs
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 08:14:24

    I read in all the places you do! If I am REALLY into my book I will also read while cooking dinner, chop this read, stir that, read… I read in bed and I usually read while my husband watches tv as I’m not into many tv programs, I’d rather read!


  7. Kirstie
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 11:01:18

    I am immensely guilty of number 5.
    Sometimes I make my husband drive when we go on outings just so I can squeeze in some reading time.
    I do a lot of reading in bed. My husband hates my little book lamp, I swear he tries to hide it every couple of weeks. I also read while my son plays in his sand pit. He will play in there for an hour if given half the chance, so some days I let him do just that ;p
    I like reading in the bath, but the water gets cold too quick!


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