Cute much? Paws

At this time of year I’m always keeping an eye out for new books about Dads, and so imagine my delight when this gorgeous book arrived in our mail box!

Kathy Finikakos’ new picture book Paws (JoJo Publishing) is a nicely told, beautifully illustrated story of a little bear named Paws and his head-strong father Roman…

Paws is a curious baby bear with lots and lots of questions.

His father, Roman, is a famous dancing bear who comes home with fantastic stories about the big wide world. Roman ends his stories every night by reminding Paws of the same thing: Don’t dream too much about all the things you can’t see; all you need is to be happy with your own corner of the world.

But Paws has no idea where to find his corner of the world, or what his corner even looks like…

When Paws decides it is time to set out in search of it, his journey will teach him that sometimes, the very thing you go looking for is right in front of you all along!

There’s searching and wondering, and lots and lots of bear hugs!

Kathy’s story would work wonders to sooth an impatient, frustrated toddler and help them to understand that they’ll discover all things in due course, that their own little corner of the world can be more than enough, for the time being.

The artwork in this book is stunning. Illustrated by Heath McKenzie, each page is perfectly balanced, often holding a dream-like quality. Paws and Roman are the perfect combination of bearish strength and irresistible hug-ability.  And of course, they’re father and son, and the large, stern bear’s tenderness for his cub is beautifully drawn.

That night, in a round room, in the middle of somewhere, with his little paw in his father’s paw, Paws lay sleeping safe and sound. He had finally found his corner in the big wide world. It was in his father’s arms.

You can find out more about Paws here…

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