Who’s that guy?

My next Be My Guest buddy is Amanda from Rumble (Underground), and she’s put together something a little different for TBYL. I hope you enjoy her music review! Thanks Amanda…

Who’s this Adam Lambert guy?
I have to admit to being something of a music snob.  If you’d told me two years ago that I’d be listening to a pop singer from a reality show – I’d have been just a wee bit annoyed with you to say the least.

Yet here I am hanging off every note that Adam Lambert sings.  This is why:

I first heard Adam when he was on American Idol 2008.  Friends were raving about this guy – friends that shared similar taste in music to me.  So I gave him a go.  This performance was one that polarized the judges, but that showed me this guy was no cookie-cutter singer:

It was also a risky performance – taking a Johnny Cash song and performing this arrangement on a show that is watched by much of middle-America.  You can see from the clip that Randy Travis is having a hard time understanding Adam.

Adam was the first contestant to gain permission to perform a Led Zeppelin song on the show.  Apparently children of the band were watching the show and told their parents they had to let Adam sing “Whole Lotta Love”.  This version is from a one-off concert that Adam performed on 27th Februay 2010:

After Idol, Adam went on tour with the rest of the top 10 contestants from the show and while on the road, wrote, recorded and produced his first album,  For Your Entertainment.  Adam collaborated with several highly respected producers Greg Wells, Ryan Tedder, Max Martin, Sam Sparro, RedOne, Dr. Luke, and Linda Perry, among others and sang songs written by people such as Lady Gaga, Pink, Muse…

Once his album was released, Adam embarked on his headlining, virtually sold out world-wide “Glam Nation” tour.  The tour was a success not just because it was sold-out, but because it happened in an environment where bands like Scissor Sisters were cancelling shows due to lack of interest…

Adam has a background in musical theatre, has been lead singer in his own band and performed in avant-garde cabaret around Los Angeles.  This is one of his first performances in 2004 on “The Zodiac Show” where he sang the civil rights anthem:

Adam performed the same song six years later to the day on exactly the same stage during the penultimate performance of his Glam Nation Tour.  I was there to watch this performance and can honestly say, I’ve never been so moved by a performance in my life:

Adam is an amazing talent.  He is capable of singing a broad range of musical styles, gives a thoroughly professional, engaging and fabulous performance every time you see him on stage and is, from all accounts a delightful man.

Check out this Adam Lambert guy – he never fails to deliver the good music.


Amanda site, Rumble (Underground) is a platform for people who are geographically diverse, to share ideas, music and art. This is mainly done through the production of really interesting podcasts, featuring discussions with a variety of fascinating characters.

Thanks Amanda for joining in with this month’s fun!


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