Woah Mumma and the last hurrah

Today I’ve been officially spoilt. Brunch with my friends and family, gifts galore and a nice, slow afternoon with my boys. It’s been a wonderful weekend all up, albeit a little bittersweet at times.

Yesterday we went and bid a fond farewell to The Last Record Store in Smith Street. As mentioned in my earlier post big Al and lovely Helen are taking their bat and ball and going home, having set their mind to an old-school retirement.  To mark the closing of their store, this institution, the guys held a wonderful last hurrah with a great range of in-store performances, an amazing sale, and lots and lots of friends wandering through the door.

I myself got to catch up with some of my oldest friends so I can only imagine how many familiar faces Alex, Helen and Hannah came across throughout the day. I was thrilled to have the chance to hear Sarah Carroll and Chris Wilson perform. I was immediately and vividly reminded of the first gigs I snuck into as a kid. I must say, it was quite a trip to watch my own kids now getting into Wilson’s authentic blues. Classic, and a little bit bizarre.

Walking away after my quick visit, I had a little lump in my throat – an amazing place and even more amazing people.  All my love guys xx

And that brings us to Mother’s Day, and as I’ve said I’ve been very spoilt.  Evan obviously knows me well, his gifts suited me to a tee…a ‘Worlds Best Mum’ tea cup, a head massager and chocolates. What a clever boy, now I’ve everything I need.

And in keeping with my new-found interest in all things tea-related, the guys bought me an Takeya iced tea maker – a little out of season I know, but yummo.  Mixed berry tea over ice…nice now and it’ll be even better once summer comes around again.

To sum up, I’m very lucky.  I’ve got the best kids (in my opinion), the most amazing mother (who looks after me all the time), a stunning husband and incredible friends from now and from way back then.  *sigh*

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